There, I Fixed It

dual use

Still Better Than Room Service

coffee machine cooking dual use food hotel - 5384528384
By Kdawg

Oh, Put a Cork in It!

bathroom cork dual use toilet - 4914267136
By Skabbolicious of Kattalogen fame

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

coffee dual use pipe plumbing - 4807628800
By andyman47

Sneaky Sneak Leveling

computer dual use tools video games wrench - 5635342592
By bwillb (Via

Worst computer case ever

computer case dual use Hall of Fame - 5350313728
By Langly (Via

A Speedy Little Receptor

antenna dual use internet wireless - 5675561728
By dez87

A-Tack-ing The Problem

bad puns cars dual use holding it up tacks - 5182774272
By Mary


cars dual use windshield wiper - 4836415232
By markpuhl

Suburban Fishing

clever dual use vacuum - 5718999808
By Unknown

Propane Kludge: Now That The Long Weekend is Over, Here's a Use For Your Propane Tanks

art barbecue dual use not a kludge propane - 4819793664
Via Make

Kitchen Entertainment System

computer repair dual use laptop - 4623766016

Steve Jobs Wouldn't Be Happy About This

apple products charger dual use phone - 5656367872

Battery Alternatives - Never Run To The Store Again

batteries dual use phones tools - 5205255936
By NestorMunoz

#2 Desert Drive

DIY dual use mailbox there I fixed it - 4336903168
By Unknown

Become One With The Tubes

bicycle computer repair dual use tubes - 5060041728
By Neuromancer

A Piss Poor Substitute

bathroom kludge bottle dual use gross urinal - 4452224000
By Unknown