There, I Fixed It


Cart Theft Can Be A Kludge, Too

cars dangerous driving steering wheel wtf - 4546575616
By Mike

I Hope His Glovebox is Full of Spare Batteries

dangerous driving duct tape flashlight - 4391672832
By Unknown

The Princess and the Chrysler

cars driving holding it up mattresses stacking - 4419356928
By Unknown

Load-Bearing Delivery

driving holding it up pallet Professional At Work - 5501541632
By Jake Riley

I Think You're Forgetting a Hole Somewhere

apple products cars driving duct tape ipod - 4438875392
By Unknown

His Virtual Wind Tunnel Led Him Astray Once Again

driving holding it up motorcycle safety first - 4837130496
By Gordovious

Sorry Officer, I Must Have Forgotten To Flip My Brake Lights On

funny fail image brake light switch
Via MoldavianMike

If It's Microwave Safe, It Must Be Highway Safe

cars driving duct tape headlights - 4442129408
By Unknown

Wonder What the Problem Was?

driving - 6738568960
By HaleyB
cars driving leak win there I fixed it - 75833089

These Drivers Can See the Silver Lining in a Leaking Pipe, a Free Public Car Wash

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Well That's a Roundabout Way to Make an Intersection

driving road stoplight traffic - 6257338112
By Unknown

Cupholders AND Cutlery Holders

cars driving dual use fork silverware - 5701315328
By Unknown

Blind To Common Sense

cars door driving dual use - 5349562624
By Unknown

You Can Take Away My License, But Not My Imagination

driving dual use phones tape - 5448172544
By Unknown
animals cars driving its-a-truck-now Video - 24560897

Watch Out For Hop-Ons

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The Best Reason To Carry Extra Underwear

cell phone driving holding it up technology - 5411997696
By Unknown
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