There, I Fixed It


If It's Microwave Safe, It Must Be Highway Safe

cars driving duct tape headlights - 4442129408
Created by Unknown

Can't Wait For That Airbag To Go Off

Funny fail pic of a cellphone on a steering wheel that might be a problem if that airbag goes off.
Created by diamond.and.pearl
animals cars driving its-a-truck-now Video - 24560897

Watch Out For Hop-Ons

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On Your Labor Day Road Trip, Be Safe

cars driving dual use holidays wtf - 5003436288
Created by Patrick

Cupholders AND Cutlery Holders

cars driving dual use fork silverware - 5701315328
Created by Unknown

Hey! Driving With Flip Flops is Dangerous!

cars dangerous driving Mad Science Monday wtf - 4928509696
Via Reddit


dangerous driving laptop poll technology - 4128495104
Created by jonnytoy


car driving good as new gps obsolete - 4108969984
Created by Adam M

Hold On Tight Buddy!

dangerous driving motorcycle - 4492589312
Created by Unknown

The Princess and the Chrysler

cars driving holding it up mattresses stacking - 4419356928
Created by Unknown

They Won't be Taking Any Alley Shortcuts

driving ladder motorcycle - 5515833344
Created by Azad Khachatrian

His Virtual Wind Tunnel Led Him Astray Once Again

driving holding it up motorcycle safety first - 4837130496
Created by Gordovious


brakes cautionary fail driving wrench wtf - 4132604160
Created by Unknown

That's so Dangerous

cars dangerous driving safety first seat belt - 5668832000
Created by Unknown

Buckle Up When Driving

seatbelt driving engine belt - 6982718976
Created by mayorofmontrose

Autoshisha Is Locked Down And Ready To Go

cars driving hookah smoking wire - 4633769984
Created by Alexey
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