There, I Fixed It


Playing Third Wheel

bicycle drinking drunk tricycle - 6262930432
By solkim86

Kettles Are Expensive, Whereas Corks Are Not

drinking kitchen Kludge recycling-is-good-right tea - 3800827392
By Unknown

Screw Driver

corkscrew drinking dual use not a kludge wine - 5292697088
By Unknown

No Corkscrew? No Problem

drinking wine funny - 7557276928
By codonnell

Lazy Sunday

beer boat drinking pool swimming - 4732422912
By Unknown

Don't Mess Around. Just Smash and Chug.

alcohol drinking hammer Professional At Work tools - 5429178368
By wendyhord

Getting All Sorts of Toasted

alcohol drinking dual use toaster - 4701877248
By amac4291
alcohol bicycle bike drinking russia Video - 19793409

Alcohol Powered Bicycle

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Safety First!

duct tape drinking - 7373548288
By Unknown

Walk-out beer fridge

beer drinking g rated ice refrigerator snow there I fixed it winter - 5617152768
By Unknown