There, I Fixed It


It's A Near-Crushing Success

bed college dangerous dorm holding it up monitor Multitasking - 4634389248
Created by turkmeneshek


coat hanger college dorm hanging laptop - 3600909824
Created by Unknown

Less Ridiculous Than Letting Him Take Your Bed For a Night

alcohol dorm g rated Hall of Fame holding it up there I fixed it - 5514216704
Created by Unknown

The Classic Dorm Room Fridge

college dorm dual use fridge - 4912004096
Created by TobyK123

Lode Bearing Drawer

bed college dorm holding it up - 4525715200
Created by Brandon

For Halloween, This Curtain Is Dressing Up Like a Piece of Junk

bathroom college dorm dual use ruler - 5282521856


college dorm rocks stable - 4229653248
Created by Vistohlm

Is This a Prison or a Dorm?

college couch dangerous dorm - 4501309184
Created by Unknown