There, I Fixed It


Which Way Does it Open?

doors FAIL handles there I fixed it - 7836566784
By gdogmom

The Old Lock Wasn't Secure Enough

doors locks funny there I fixed it - 7563163648
By Adrienne Gartman

The Door Opens, What More Do You Need?

doors there I fixed it g rated - 7876335360
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Zombie Proofing 101

dangerous doors holding it up home improvement zombie - 4809165312
By PCosta

Another Rejected Home Alone Trap

doors dual use locked up tools - 4786539264
By Robin Gryson

Step 1: Find a Chainsaw

doors rv trailers wtf - 4858484736
By Warren Andrews

I Was Going to Rehang the Door Anyway...

doors there I fixed it - 7913431808
By beernbiccies

I'm Sure That'll Work

doors duct tape funny - 7106766592
By Unknown

Wait a Minute... That's Not My Truck!

doors vans car repairs - 7183525376
By Unknown

Helpful For The Dog, and Pneumonia!

cooling doors - 5801266688
By Nicole N

A Wooden Fence Would Class Things Up...

doors wood fences there I fixed it - 7827558912
By Unknown

Hey, it's a Door

doors car repair trucks - 7267496704
By Unknown

Pedal Forward to Open, Pedal Backward to Travel Through Time

doors funny g rated there I fixed it - 7686802432
By Unknown

Close Enough

doors Close Enough - 7125146880
By KD081384

Spotted at the University of Toronto Engineering Department

engineers doors funny there I fixed it - 7397100032
By Leo

Not What I Meant By Picking the Lock

doors funny - 7635035392
By Unknown
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