There, I Fixed It


Overpowered CPU Fan

cooling cpu - 6591302144
Created by csharptest

Don't Fall Out, Don't Fall Out, Don't Fall Out!

air conditioning cooling window-ac - 6465668608
Created by brefin

Great Idea, Poor Execution

air conditioner computer repair cooling plastic bag - 5184605696
Created by gustavsen

Kustom Kooling Kludges

computer fan cooling fan zipties - 6374349312
Created by Zyon_senpai

The 800-Dollar Hat

computer computer screen cooling desktop laptop - 6186696960
Created by Mr. Distracted

But Did he Remember The Thermal Paste?

computer cooling fan router - 4290770688
Created by Vinicius


computer cooling mod nom - 3133908992
Created by Unknown

Stay Cool, Bro

cooling box fan fan laptop air conditioning - 7022591488
Created by Unknown

It Needs to Be Cooler!

cooling foam insulation refrigerator - 6522206720
Created by S.F. Campbell

Scumbag PSU

computer repair cooling Office Professional At Work - 5584393728
Created by Agrajag

The Quick ‘n’ Cheap Cooler Redux 2.0 (Director's Cut) (Extended Release)

cooler cooling science - 6353103616
Created by MrBlackCat

Couldn't You Have at Least Used Duct Tape?

cooling duct tape fan rubber band - 6330037248
Created by Dylan
cooling fans Hall of Fame Professional At Work servers technology Video - 25649665

Data Center Cooling, The Dexter Way

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The Quick 'n' Cheap Cooler Redux

computer cooler cooling desktop USB - 6318556672
Created by Justin

Cooling the Servers Was on my Bucket List

bin bucket cooling server servers trash can vent - 5747194112
Created by David

Amps Need Cooling Too!

air conditioning cooling fan - 6436446976
Created by Tii