There, I Fixed It


Tornadoes Aren't The Best Organizers

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Created by Steven

Something's Not Quite Right...

bathroom contractor shower wtf - 5696576000
Created by voiceofchoice

What Is This, a Shower For Ants??

contractor shower - 5636994304
Created by Justin

Oh Yeah, Sure, It's Fine to Cut Up. It's Only the SUPPORT STRUCTURE.

contractor support structure - 6381780992
Created by LanaZ

Thank God For Termites

contractor light switch whoops - 5444172288
Created by Dylan

Thank God The Construction Crew Left That

contractor dual use ladder stairs - 5494000384
Created by happylewie

A Banister Never Pays His Debts

contractor Professional At Work - 5469739008
Created by rebecca schwartz
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Measure Once, Cut Twice

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This is Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

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Created by CoJaBo