There, I Fixed It


Looks Like He's Really Using That Science Degree

books college dual use holding it up school - 4493724672
By Unknown

Tired of Heating the Whole Pizza at Once?

pizza funny college - 7623138048
By Unknown

College Rules: Not For Everyone

college lock locked up rubber band stupidity - 4765140480
By ZachSeale

Share The Air!

air conditioner college dual use Hall of Fame - 5242708736
By MahboobeAlam


coat hanger college dorm hanging laptop - 3600909824
By Unknown

The Most Expensive Microwave

college computer dual use heater - 5134744064
Via Reddit


college dorm rocks stable - 4229653248
By Vistohlm

When You See It...

college computer Hall of Fame keyboard laptop - 6422343424
By Sevi

The Student Movers

careful college moving day star wars - 5282004992
By Unknown

Doesn't Get Much Kludgier Than This

balancing act books college holding it up tape - 4520264448
By Matt


college noodles watermelon - 3833972736
By Unknown

Needs More Steam. Quick, Back to The Stove!

college cooking dual use poll - 4899608320
By Unknown

For Halloween, This Curtain Is Dressing Up Like a Piece of Junk

bathroom college dorm dual use ruler - 5282521856

Engineering Students, Ready To Move In

cars college dangerous moving towing wtf - 4545207296
By eric_c


chair college math Professional At Work professor - 3303801600
By Unknown

Laziness Level: Gold

chair college furniture laziness - 5854547200
By Unknown
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