There, I Fixed It

coat hanger

Classic: A Light Dawned On Me

coat hanger dangerous electricity lights - 4696077056
Created by Snake73

No Shower Hooks, No Problem

shower coat hanger hanger - 6741223424
Created by AriRisky


coat hanger drill kitchen wire - 4178468096
Created by gabialex

Whatever You're Studying For, You Deserve To Pass

coat hanger dual use holding it up school - 4845228288
Created by TheRealPun

Your Coat's Missing

cars coat hanger dual use - 5269719808
Created by Unknown

Don't Leave Me Hangin'!

car coat hanger engine g rated muffler there I fixed it truck - 6031513856
Created by Vanos_Ira


coat hanger college dorm hanging laptop - 3600909824
Created by Unknown

Just a Coat Hanger? That Ain't Safe!

board coat hanger dodge hanger minivan plank wood - 6301078784
Created by vanandel

No Need for a Plumber

stopper plumber flusher flush coat hanger toilet - 6953564416
Created by Simo606