There, I Fixed It


Easy Open Handle

cars classy trunk - 4495916032
Created by Liofka

Be Honest, There's No Way It Was Worth The Effort

classy homemade tripod - 3768033024
Created by Unknown

Not Seen on MTV Cribs

classy holding it up television TV - 4451468544
Created by johnclayton

Rollin' on Pizza Boxes

cars classy dual use security wheels - 5519867136
Created by doze

With Any Luck, You'll Catch Some Dinner

cars classy grill trucks - 4610518784
Created by Darby

Pass Me The 15 Wood Please

classy golf sports - 4906322432
Created by shaynaboo11

Like a Rock... er... Plank of Wood...

classy truck - 4342247936
Created by Kelikala

She Wasn't Impressed By His Magic Carpet Ride

carpet classy scooter - 5491290368
Created by RoadPics ( Via )

Front Projection Television

classy television TV - 4557008896
Created by Unknown