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Corded Cellphone

cell phones funny there I fixed it tape - 7779390464
Created by bloodybrit

Homemade Camera, Phone, or MP3 Player Protective Case

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Created by Kaszynski

One Hell of a Jump Start

batteries cell phones more power overkill - 4386048512
Created by Buccaneerdave

What's More Surprising: That This Can Still Receive Calls or That it's Not a Smart Phone?

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Created by Unknown

Cellphone battery on iPod touch

cell phones kludges batteries - 7347814144
Created by Jonathan

No, He Can't Hear You Now

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Created by Chuckseesthiseverywhere

So That's How Egypt Shut Off the Phones

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Created by Unknown

Worth a Shot

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Improvised Cell Phone Charging

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Meh, Close Enough

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Created by sith10_97