There, I Fixed It

car repairs

A New Reason for Bunched Underwear

car repairs cars funny - 7676943872
By Tiny_hay

It's Cool, We Got Zip Ties

zip ties headlights car repairs - 7170548992
By Emmm

Hey, It's a Mirror

mirrors kludges car repairs - 7303508992
By Unknown

Objects in Mirror May Be "Fixed"

mirrors kludges car repairs - 7315462400
By Scruffy

Wait a Minute... That's Not My Truck!

doors vans car repairs - 7183525376
By Unknown

Nice Lashes!

zip ties mirrors car repairs - 7349931264
By JamieM3

Did... Did You Just Print Out a Picture of a Headlight?

headlights car repairs g rated there I fixed it - 7353143296
By Unknown

I Trust My Board with My Life, Bro

skateboards car repairs cars funny - 7667280128
By Unknown

Objects in Mirror are Kludgier Than They Appear

mirrors car repairs - 7155600896
By lucas

Could You Drill the Window Up? I'm Getting Cold

drills windows car repairs power tools - 7345117184
By Unknown

He'll Probably Have To Change It Again Soon

belt car repairs mechanic zip tie - 4694597632

Are They Automatic?

headlights flashlights car repairs - 7336442624
By Unknown

Put it in Reverse? There is No Reverse!

mods car repairs cars - 7165750272
Via Laughing Squid

A Fantastic Repair

car repairs cars fans funny - 7683224832
By Unknown

Stick a Fork in It

car repairs cars funny forks g rated there I fixed it - 7667314688
By Unknown

I... I Must Pop It!

bubble wrap car repairs - 7174726656
By Richard Stevens