There, I Fixed It

car fix

Coffee Can Headlight

car fix headlight car fail - 6986395648
By zomgie93

Half Minivan, Half Pickup, Half Limo

limo minivan car fix pickup g rated there I fixed it - 7140506624
By Unknown

This is Fixed for the Long Haul

car fix car engine car fail g rated there I fixed it - 7003958016
By AZtravelers

How to Keep the Gas Door Closed on Your Car

car fix gas tank car fail gas cap - 6734795520
By Justin K


car fail car fix frankenstein mirror - 6146509568
By shobo81

Let the Good Times Blow

ac a/c unit ac unit air conditioning car fail car fix cooling truck - 6518325760
By akalpenglow

Gatling Gun Exhaust

car fix exhaust exhaust pipe Hall of Fame muffler pipe - 6280786176
By Unknown

Automobile Acne

bumper car car bumper car fail car fix - 6352514048
By Adrian

The New Headlight Doesn't Quite Fit

car bumper car fix headlight - 7135693824
By tennbob

Defroster Fixed!

car fix ac - 7053467136
By Chris Sokalski

Making a Tight Seal on a Sunroof: Nailed It!

car fail car fix car roof convertible glue roof sunroof tape - 6491887616
By jmorla39

Always Wear Your Belt When Driving!

belt bumper car fail car fix seat belt - 6577916928
By antp

Honey, can you pick up an extra padlock for the gas tank?

car fix lock - 5883067136
By jeremy

Color Must Be Respected

car fix car fail duct tape - 6923978496
By emoraes

Can't Tell if Truck or My Back Porch...

bumper car fail car fix engine grill hood truck - 6387617536

Bump It Up!

bumper california car bumper car fail car fix - 6201864704
By VaVaVa Gina
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