There, I Fixed It

car fix

As Seen at a McDonalds Drive-Thru

car audio car fail car fix car stereo speakers stereo - 6489357568
Created by Daniel

The Mansmobile

car fail car fix car hood duct tape mustache - 6241574912
Created by sobenson

Stick It In!

bike car fail car fix motorbike motorcycle trunk - 6200585472
Created by Daniel

Nope, It Still Needs More Work

car fail car fix - 6507641600
Created by Cameron

Mad Max Called, He Wants His Car Back

texas car fix car fail - 6659233280
Created by Unknown

Window? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Window!

car fail car fix tarp tent window windshield - 6533194240
Created by Shannon

Honey, can you pick up an extra padlock for the gas tank?

car fix lock - 5883067136
Created by jeremy

Need Flares?

truck pickup car fix car fail car hood pickup truck - 6679021568
Created by Dofter

Garbage Bags and Duct Tape Can Fix Anything!

car hood car fix subaru car fail duct tape garbage bags - 6723611648
Created by Sam

Can't Tell if Truck or My Back Porch...

bumper car fail car fix engine grill hood truck - 6387617536

That's for Carrying Cargo, Buddy, Not BEING Cargo!

car fail car fix trailers trailer hitch truck bed - 6527880704

Making a Tight Seal on a Sunroof: Nailed It!

car fail car fix car roof convertible glue roof sunroof tape - 6491887616
Created by jmorla39

Welcome to the Jungle!

bumper car bumper car fail car fix duct tape leopard print - 6266800128
Created by Serrena

This is Fixed for the Long Haul

car fix car engine car fail g rated there I fixed it - 7003958016
Created by AZtravelers

Extra Headlights

headlights car fix car fail - 6626011904
Created by Lestopher


california car fail car fix license license plate texas - 6299474432
Created by Unknown
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