There, I Fixed It

car fix

50 Percent of the View, 200 Percent of the Cool

car fail car fix duct tape mirror - 6205625600
By Beau Blithe

The Driver's Seat Floor Mat Got a Promotion

car fix car roof car fail - 6933047296
By muahahahaheeee

Always Wear Your Belt When Driving!

belt bumper car fail car fix seat belt - 6577916928
By antp

It's a Car of Many Colors

car fix car fail - 6659682816
By Unknown

Oh, He Flew the Coop All Right...

car fail car fix pontiac - 6439654912
By Unknown

That's for Carrying Cargo, Buddy, Not BEING Cargo!

car fail car fix trailers trailer hitch truck bed - 6527880704

Need Flares?

truck pickup car fix car fail car hood pickup truck - 6679021568
By Dofter

Failboat Contest Entry #104710256

boat fix car fix set sail for fail set sail for fail boat fix - 3715742976
By Unknown

Dutch Cops Can Get a Little Lazy

car fix Netherlands police car - 7138068224
By gekko4000

Window? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Window!

car fail car fix tarp tent window windshield - 6533194240
By Shannon

Garbage Bags and Duct Tape Can Fix Anything!

car hood car fix subaru car fail duct tape garbage bags - 6723611648
By Sam

Nope, It Still Needs More Work

car fail car fix - 6507641600
By Cameron

Let the Good Times Blow

ac a/c unit ac unit air conditioning car fail car fix cooling truck - 6518325760
By akalpenglow

No Masterlocks Will Touch These Doors!

car fix car door door lock car fail masterlock - 5865634816
By Chris Payton

It Was Born a Van, But in its Heart, it Knew it Was a Woody Wagon

car fix van - 5877689344
By nsomneeak

Needs Moar Canopy

car fix canopy pickup truck car fail - 6862562304
By Greg
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