There, I Fixed It


C'mon, Kid, What're You Waiting For?

broken park slide - 6227312128
By Unknown

Hope This Isn't a Stick Shift as Well

cars broken funny - 7592473600
By Unknown

Sorry Guys, We're Fresh Out of Broken

broken g rated out of order there I fixed it toilet - 6132125696
By Ginger Pedersen


broken car mod sharp side mirror - 2995820288
By kgusta
broken funny - 52505345

Fixing a Broken Record Player

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Zip Ties to the Rescue!

zip ties glasses broken funny - 7579724800
By anotaai

Keeping it Fresh

car windows broken funny saran wrap - 7512007424
By LyokoTravels

Mirror, Mirror On The Door...

broken cars dual use mirror side mirror - 4818557184
By buzzstrike


broken gross list Mission Improbable - 3567032064
By Unknown

Discount Plumbing Strikes Again!

broken pipe plumbing Professional At Work window - 4703697152
By Joar

Coffee Break! (Broken)

broken clever coffee machine DIY - 5062302720
By Jim

It's Not Broken, It's Just My New Theme

Apple product broken cell phone iphone sharpie - 4400722688
By Unknown

The Interesting Alternative to the Blue Screen

broken computer monitor screen - 6036537344

Kludging Takes It's Toll on Even The Strongest of Us

broken hammer tools wtf - 4443480576
By Unknown