There, I Fixed It


Look, I built a bridge. Now that could be a wonderful architectural marvel, a guitar accessory, or even a card shuffle. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find literally anything to do with mending that gap, between anything, just try it.

Not Even the Brooklyn Bridge Can Escape the Tape

bridge duct tape nyc - 6303076352
By pozsi


bridge Professional At Work propped up tax dollars at work - 3577537536
By Unknown

Yeah, I'll Pass, Thanks...

bridge precarious - 6760578048
By Unknown

Don't Look Left

bridge cars dangerous driving tax dollars at work - 5195614720
By NestorMunoz

Why Frederick, MD Is Called "Fredneck"

bridge Hall of Fame ladder river step ladder - 6330744832
By Dub

Moses Did It First

architecture bridge Hall of Fame neat not a kludge - 5435683584
Via Laughing Squid


bad pun bridge Kludge pun safety wood - 3783710720
By Unknown

He Didn't Pay The Troll Toll

bridge dangerous DIY tax dollars at work - 4998454016
By NestorMunoz

A Bridge Under Troubled Water

bridge river water - 6018302976
By Unknown

Of Course It's Safe... But You Should Go First

bridge dangerous wooden - 4462543616
By Conchalator

Real Men Ride Across

bridge motorcycle safety first wtf - 5002164736
By NestorMunoz