There, I Fixed It


Look, I built a bridge. Now that could be a wonderful architectural marvel, a guitar accessory, or even a card shuffle. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find literally anything to do with mending that gap, between anything, just try it.

A Bridge Under Troubled Water

bridge river water - 6018302976
Created by Unknown

Not Even the Brooklyn Bridge Can Escape the Tape

bridge duct tape nyc - 6303076352
Created by pozsi

Moses Did It First

architecture bridge Hall of Fame neat not a kludge - 5435683584
Via Laughing Squid

Of Course It's Safe... But You Should Go First

bridge dangerous wooden - 4462543616
Created by Conchalator

Why Frederick, MD Is Called "Fredneck"

bridge Hall of Fame ladder river step ladder - 6330744832
Created by Dub

Real Men Ride Across

bridge motorcycle safety first wtf - 5002164736
Created by NestorMunoz

He Didn't Pay The Troll Toll

bridge dangerous DIY tax dollars at work - 4998454016
Created by NestorMunoz

Don't Look Left

bridge cars dangerous driving tax dollars at work - 5195614720
Created by NestorMunoz

Yeah, I'll Pass, Thanks...

bridge precarious - 6760578048
Created by Unknown


bad pun bridge Kludge pun safety wood - 3783710720
Created by Unknown


bridge Professional At Work propped up tax dollars at work - 3577537536
Created by Unknown