There, I Fixed It


My OCD Sense is Tingling

bricks concrete ocd sidewalk g rated there I fixed it - 6878878464
By Unknown

Tear the Wall Apart... Then Fix It!

bricks wall - 6942986240
By rdquintas

Best Mailbox Ever

bricks duct tape christmas lights mailboxes there I fixed it - 7891074304
By Mary

When You Want Your Limo to Feel a Little Homier

bricks limo air conditioner there I fixed it - 7830442752
By Dadfish

Kool-Aid Man Strikes Again

bricks cover up kool-aid man wall - 4081921536
By Unknown

Home Sweet Home

bricks ladder stairs - 4954311936

Hipster Driveway

bricks pavement - 7178578944
By AndreC11 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Load 'er Up!

bricks cars funny - 7465981696
By nickie66


bricks wtf - 4244561152
By Unknown

The Brick-B-Q

barbecue bbq bbq grill bricks grill - 6145807104
By Unknown


bricks jenga - 7069549568
By Sean

Works Just as Well as a Roof

bricks house plastic roof - 4155168768
By Caleb

I Can Fix That Hole With One Brick

bricks walls there I fixed it - 7875579904
By Unknown

That's Not How Wheel Barrows Work

bricks moving day Professional At Work - 5068302592
Via Reddit

Some of These Things Are Not Like The Others

bricks construction holding it up Professional At Work - 5235597056
By Unknown