There, I Fixed It


Keeping Up With The Joneses

bottle satellite dish technology - 5137379584
Created by Snake73

I Fixed the Fan!

bottle fan plastic bottle - 6587916032
Created by Kurt

Tap That Ash!

beer bottle bottle - 6537421312
Created by yandim

Mountain Broo

bottle broom mountain dew plastic two liter - 6137848064
Via Pense de Novo
bottle Kludge plastic toilet Video - 6402049


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Minty Fresh!

airplane bottle dual use - 4852733952
Created by Keith Myles

Bottled Lightening

bottle headlights cars plastic bottles funny - 7604836096
Created by Unknown

Bottled Bright Ideas

bottle headlight jug water cooler water jug - 6253910272
Created by Unknown

Has a Nice Ring To It

bottle doorbell dual use Professional At Work - 4866914304
Created by Rob

Gas Masks, Peru Style

bottle water bottle - 6382775552
Created by Unknown

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words, But a Kludge is Worth a Million Dollars

bottle printer water bottle - 6402570496
Created by 18-19

A Piss Poor Substitute

bathroom kludge bottle dual use gross urinal - 4452224000
Created by Unknown

Taking Recycling Too Far

bottle gas tank gasoline motorbike motorcycle - 5604508672
Created by Unknown

Mountain Dew Pipe

bottle plastic bottle mountain dew pipe drain - 6953318656
Created by tanyadenae

Safety First!

bike bottle light lightbulb motorcycle - 5737729792
Created by Unknown

Sitting on Air

bottle chair office chair water water bottle - 6013235968
Created by Unknown
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