There, I Fixed It


Doesn't Get Much Kludgier Than This

balancing act books college holding it up tape - 4520264448
Created by Matt

They Fixed the Sign

signs books funny there I fixed it g rated - 7822078464

Fundamental Literature

foundation buildings books funny - 7540318720
Created by delumv ( Via )

I Can See She Used Her Intellect

books closet holding it up - 4337920256

Are Those Audiobooks?

books bookshelf - 6189099776
Created by Unknown

TIFI WIN: No More Propping the Last Book Up Against the Stack

block books bookshelf Hall of Fame shelf - 6209388800
Via Neatorama

Looks Like He's Really Using That Science Degree

books college dual use holding it up school - 4493724672
Created by Unknown


books canned food coffee table propped up - 3301772544
Created by Unknown

Bathroom, Library. Same thing.

plumbing sink books funny - 7446174208
Created by Unknown

The Holyest of Books

art books clever DIY - 4458318336
Created by Unknown

Stephen King Always Provides Obvious Solutions

bad puns books dual use Hall of Fame holding it up monitor - 5172394240
Created by Julie Bolding

Lawful Ergonomia

books ergonomics - 7086839808
Created by Rocobruno

At Least it Should Distract You For a Little While

books cold signs there I fixed it - 7978848768
Via Bits and Pieces


books gun - 4111287296
Created by Unknown

Literature Brings You To New Heights

bad puns books dual use holding it up Shaky Support Systems trailers - 5194942976
Created by Lenny

Much Sturdier Than a Spiral Binding

zip ties books funny there I fixed it - 7796940800
Created by Unknown
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