There, I Fixed It



boats clever Hall of Fame not a kludge - 4349455104

I Can Explain Everything Except the Handcuffs

boats cars driving dual use steering wheel wtf - 4460591104
Created by Unknown

I'm on a Duct Tape Boat

duct tape funny boats - 7655326720
Created by Unknown

Just Floating My Boat

funny win boats - 7439197952
Created by Unknown

But Where's the Indian Guide?

boats cars moving safety first wtf - 4442172928
Created by CSTOOS

If There are House Boats, I See No Reason Why Not Pool Boats

rust pools funny boats g rated there I fixed it - 7685577472
Created by Looper ( Via Focus )

Maximum Security

cars there I fixed it boats - 7826011648
Created by ElliotSpencer

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