There, I Fixed It


Spongy Slats

bed sponge - 5898667776
By BenFixer

The (Greek) Tragedy of the Terribly Slanted Floor

balancing act bed books holding it up unstable - 4768875520
By Isaac


bed lazy television tied together - 3031612416
By The Giblets

Monster (TV) Under The Bed

bed Hall of Fame HDTV monster plasma tv TV - 6008391168
Via K2 Mounts


bed boxes storage - 2941789184
By Brandon

Kludged in America

bed oversize load trailers truck truck bed - 6250498048
By Josh Fifelski

A Power Bed for Your Power Nap

bed chairs - 6510307840
By yandim

"C'mon, You've Been In There For 9 Hours!"

bathroom bed bedroom toilet - 5970227968
By mauricerizat

Lode Bearing Drawer

bed college dorm holding it up - 4525715200
By Brandon

Great, The Bed's Finally Fixed

bed beer furniture holding it up Shaky Support Systems - 5356274432
By Sergej Webot

Because Holding it Was Too Much Work

bed tablet there I fixed it - 7899728384
Via Pleated Jeans

This is How You Take a Sunday Drive

bed cars driving hammock - 5848840704
By Unknown

I've Heard of Sleeping With a Gun Under Your Pillow

bed g rated guns Hall of Fame Pillow there I fixed it - 6099942144
Via Neatorama


bed cheap ikea Kludge milk crate recycling-is-good-right storage - 3786458624
By Unknown

This Plan is Full of Hot Air

bed dual use - 4313737472
By Micah

The Reused Swinging Trampoline Bed

trampoline gazebo bed - 6639279616
Via Recyclart
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