There, I Fixed It


One Hell of a Jump Start

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Created by Buccaneerdave

California, Meet Finland

apple products batteries charging electricity ipod - 4477527296
Created by Jammu


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Created by jfutach
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Improvised Cell Phone Charging

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I Don't Know What it is, But My Friend All Have Them

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batteries duct tape there I fixed it wire - 7954745856
Created by ariled

Cellphone battery on iPod touch

cell phones kludges batteries - 7347814144
Created by Jonathan

When their Powers Combine, You Can Usually Smell an Electrical Fire

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Created by lemps

Ikea Never Includes The Spoon Spacers

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Created by Javi Fraguel
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You'll Never Need Batteries Again!

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Mad Science Monday: We Need A New Letter In The Alphabet To Name This Battery

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Created by L MICHAELIS

Grandma Was Born To Ride

awesome batteries Kludge old people scooter - 3745158912
Created by Unknown

Size Never Matters

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Created by Unknown

Who Needs Charging Cables?

batteries charging cable controller xbox 360 xbox 360 controller charging cable xbox 360 controller charging cable xbox 360 controller charging cable xbox 360 controller - 6364998912
Created by Natonator


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Created by mamadoujr

AA x 3 = D

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Created by mavroxur
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