There, I Fixed It


Your Choices Shouldn't Be Limited to Sink or Toilet

bathrooms there I fixed it - 8002670336
Via SDunne17

Everyone Said the Stalls Were Too Cramped

bathrooms there I fixed it toilets g rated - 7248284160
Created by Kimberly Ault

Streamlining the Flow

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Created by masster442 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Why Isn't This Doing Anything?

bathrooms instructions there I fixed it - 8005217280
Created by calvinthedestroyer

Sure, You Can Use My Shower. But First You Have to Drink a Beer.

bathrooms beer cans showers funny g rated there I fixed it - 7603840768
Created by Unknown

Corkscrew Faucet

bathrooms faucets sinks - 7231864576
Created by Tom

Hopefully This Fixes the Problem

bathrooms there I fixed it hand dryers g rated - 7916701696

Not Everyone Can Balance Over a Squat Toilet

bathrooms handlebars there I fixed it - 7953646848
Created by Unknown

Toilet Paper Debate SOLVED!

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Created by Unknown

Handy Bathroom Gadgets

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Created by Unknown

Why Waste All That Greywater?

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Via Izismile

That Should Take Care of THAT Problem...

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Created by bmillsap

Just Watch Your Head

bathrooms toilet washer there I fixed it g rated - 7877572096
Created by Unknown

Mind Your Head!

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Created by DoctorTwo

At Taco Bell, of All Places...

bathrooms doors there I fixed it - 7914132992
Created by tankdogster