There, I Fixed It


Glue Gun: 1. Apple: 0.

adapter apple battery cord glue gun mac macbook power cord - 6059158528
By Kipple

Adapt or Die

ipod adapter apple iphone - 7004015360
By galewis


apple bathroom not intended use recycling-is-good-right - 3397899776
By Unknown

There I Fixed It: If You Can't Buy It, Build It

apple DIY Hall of Fame ipad neat there I fixed it win - 5550791424
By Incontroll (Via China Daily)

The Apple and the Bull

apple - 4168000256
By Unknown

Most People Just Listen To Music...

apple chores ipad ipod lawn mower wtf - 4550833664
By Unknown

OS Wars

android apple Hall of Fame Samsung - 6097878016
By dhill (Via Get Digital)
apple apple products cooking Hall of Fame kitchen laptop mac macbook Video - 25465089

What Else Are You Going To Use It For?

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Why's It Always Gotta Be "Or"?

computers apple funny - 7463628032
By computer_freak_8

When You See It...

apple Dell laptop mac macbook PC - 6233998336
By Unknown

Meh, Close Enough

apple cell phones there I fixed it Samsung - 7977186048
By sith10_97

Technology Addiction

apple bicycle bike laptop macbook - 6321152512
By Unknown

He Doesn't Even Have Enough Money to Buy a Table! So Sad...

apple laptop mac macbook Macbook pro - 6585054976
By Unknown

Tired of Losing the AppleTV Remote in the Couch?

remote apple duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 6997009152
By Jackie

Expensive? Naw, Apples are Only 89 Cents!

laptops apple funny g rated there I fixed it - 7534770432
By Unknown

There, It's an iPad!

apple ipad kindle - 6096121600
By SoreWristed
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