There, I Fixed It


In case of fire pull this, or don't...

alarm duct tape fire safety orange cone - 3328468480
By Unknown

How to Get Up in the Morning Without a Snooze

alarm alarm clock - 6596144640
Via Toombomb

Hotel Safety

alarm tape - 6164561664
By Kaptinn

Just Run for the Stairs and Yell "FIRE!"

alarm emergency fire in case of fire fire alarm - 6930265344
By DashieSpeed

Don't Knock It Til You Try It

alarm dangerous fire fire alarm warning - 4695444224
By Christian Fischer


alarm car Mission Improbable safety - 3039243008
By Eric

Silent Fire Alarm

alarm fire fire alarm - 6763808768
By DemonicZ


ac alarm leaky - 3828591104
By Unknown

Sorry, Screwdriver, It's Just Not Working Out

ac alarm climate control duct tape screwdriver tape - 6142881536
By Unknown

Sleep E-Z Security

alarm door security system - 6315994112
By Buckwad3000

If Only I Had Smaller Fingers, I Could Still Hit the Sides

alarm alarm clock - 6961425152
By Unknown