There, I Fixed It

air conditioner

1) That's the Freezer 2) Have You Tried Opening It?

refrigerators ac fridge funny air conditioner g rated there I fixed it - 7625901056

The AC's Fixed!

Electrical tape funny air conditioner there I fixed it - 7808088320
Created by Unknown

Testing Gravity

cinder blocks weights air conditioner - 7156438528
Created by jfbird1986

Having a Compressor Unit Catastrophe?

air conditioner climate control heater - 6221181952

American Camping

ac air conditioner camping tent - 6537763840

Great Idea, Poor Execution

air conditioner computer repair cooling plastic bag - 5184605696
Created by gustavsen

Archaic Conditioner

ac air conditioner cars generator power wtf - 4592982016
Created by Snake73

The First A/C Prototype

ac air conditioner cardboard duct tape - 4513642496
Created by jaceherman

Opting For Rear A/C Was a Poor Choice

air conditioner cars poll redirect wtf - 5284461056

Foiled Again!

air conditioner bad puns Professional At Work wtf - 4486465280


abomineering air conditioner foam Kludge windows - 3747458560
Created by SirLedfoot

No air conditioning in the bedroom? Challenge accepted

ac air conditioner - 7035570176
Created by Ian


air conditioner Office thermostat - 4009807360
Created by samwichse

The Griswolds Are At It Again

air conditioner cars driving - 5069192192
Created by BrandonDK

It's Alright, You Don't Need to See Out the Right Anyway

cars air conditioning funny air conditioner - 7628946944

Cooling It Won't Make It Taste Any Better

air conditioner beer holding it up - 4833175040
Created by Shrefie
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