There, I Fixed It

air conditioner


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By iamthedevil82

Not The Most Portable Laptop Cooler

air conditioner cooling laptop repair - 5627353344
By el.carl2

7 Examples of Fine A/C Installation

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By Cyberkedi


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By Unknown

Peeping Toms Come In All Forms

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By Unknown

Great Idea, Poor Execution

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By gustavsen

It's Alright, You Don't Need to See Out the Right Anyway

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By Unknown

Helps it Run at 14% Efficiency!

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By SkinnyWhiteboi


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By hillbilly_rich

Almost Looks Like It Belongs

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By Bosdojo


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By Unknown

But The Width is PERFECT!

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By Calculon000

This Could Generate Some Problems

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By AnassRhammar


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By silvermax2k2


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By Renasty

No air conditioning in the bedroom? Challenge accepted

ac air conditioner - 7035570176
By Unknown
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