There, I Fixed It


Stick to Gas, Sunoco

back window gas sticker truck Walmart - 6033079040
By chessi485

Walmart Does NOT Want This Stolen!

Walmart ps3 - 7131314944
By BassBastard

Makeshift Windshield Wiper

windshield wiper dodge Walmart - 7038123008
By retahn

Walmart Repair Special

car bumper styrofoam Walmart duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 7139115008
By Ali


car repair Walmart g rated there I fixed it - 7160834816
By AnassRhammar

Meanwhile at Walmart

canopy pickup truck pickup Walmart - 6808726784
By EuroVWGTi

The Redneck Swagwagon

g rated redneck smartcart swag there I fixed it Walmart - 6104679680
By Unknown

Get In, Loser, We're Going Shopping

smartcart Walmart motorcycle - 6745792000
By Unknown

Pickin' Up the Christmas Fixins

trailers tractor thanksgiving Walmart - 6779411712
By TwistedFire

Caution, No Touching the Fallen Post!

cart caution caution tape parking lot post shopping cart Walmart - 6308475136
By propless2000

Ingenious Door Holder-Opener? That's the Quick Thinking That Made You Store of the Year!

hangers doors Walmart - 7150866432
By opschief0299

The Literal SmartCart

smartcart Walmart - 5970713088
By mothercandle

There Must be a Civil Engineer Student Working There

rubber bands Walmart funny - 7663194112
By KyraB

The Things You See in a Walmart Parking Lot...

parking lot Walmart bus - 6796638720
By Skywatcher