There, I Fixed It


Flash Drive Fix-it

computer repair USB - 4592564992
Created by darron

Caffeine Free Hub

aluminum computer repair soda can USB - 4543541760
Created by Razor512

PS3 Mod: Rear USB Ports

playstation mods ps3 USB - 7176975872
Created by D.D. ( Via Play Station Gamer League )

At Least You're Honest

adapter computer repair USB wtf - 5091996672
Via Reddit

The Quick 'n' Cheap Cooler Redux

computer cooler cooling desktop USB - 6318556672
Created by Justin

Minty Fresh Fix

apple products electricity USB wires wiring - 4398205952
Created by teajay

And the Point Is?

computer laptop shovel USB g rated there I fixed it - 6983817216
Via Modding
slingshot USB Video - 34737153

Angry Birds USB Slingshot

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Finally That Stupid Word Paperclip Has Some Use!

flash drive paperclip USB - 6095772160
Created by Unknown

Infinite Energy!

adapter cable charger ipod Samsung USB - 5914202880
Created by Tuckie

The Cheap Way to Beat the Heat

camera computer cord USB wires - 6303953408
Via Acidcow

The Ironic Thumb Drive

flash drive USB - 6090288384
Created by Unknown


dual use Kludge USB - 3712502272
Created by Unknown

Only Off By A Couple Inches

computer case computer repair laziness USB - 4727995904
Created by Unknown

Technology Friendly Bookmarks

USB - 6843468288
Created by Unknown