There, I Fixed It


Hippies Can Fix More Than the Environment

duct tape Prius - 6417778176
Created by dirtyfour


green Kludge Prius recycling recycling-is-good-right wood - 3849020928
Created by Unknown

Go Home, Prius, You're Drunk Again...

Prius toyota prius monster truck g rated there I fixed it - 7010742016
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams
Prius toyota prius - 44067073

But Does It Run on Vegetable Oil?

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Green AND Recyclable

door duct duct tape plastic wrap Prius - 4337900800
Created by schyvynck

It's the Prius of Office Chairs

office chair Prius stool wood - 6613010432
Created by Unknown

Surf's Up!

bumper Hall of Fame Prius wood - 5916402176
Created by dstryker

Hey Prius, Do Your Best Truck Impression!

Prius toyota prius pickup truck pickup truck g rated there I fixed it - 6957070080
Created by AnassRhammar