There, I Fixed It


Why Move Something When You Can Drill Through It?

bookshelf drill pipe PVC shelf - 6515435520

DIY Roller Trainer

bicycle DIY not a kludge PVC - 5568200704
Via Instructables

Kevin McAllister is Getting Really Sick of Burglars

guns holding it up PVC wtf - 4338162688
By silverpathic

PVC Pipe Beds

PVC pipes g rated there I fixed it - 6922678784
By Jonathan Harchick

Triple Fix

zip ties PVC pipes - 7321199616
By adamyaz

From PVC to Eternity

pipes PVC pvc pipe - 6492272640
By stu

You PVCerious Bro?

pickup truck pipe PVC pvc pipe steel - 6544484352
By vonhaas (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


Kludge MAD SCIENCE monster pipes PVC - 3605670400
By Unknown

Loop the loop!

pipe PVC sink water - 3277800448
By Cyberkedi

Who Needs a Bike Basket

PVC bikes there I fixed it - 7866805760
By fadra.terral

That's One Way To Increase Airflow

computer case fan overkill PVC - 4717279232
By Unknown