There, I Fixed It


Leasing agent ends up learning about her lease the hard way | r/ProRevenge u/yellowfin35 2y Join taught leasing agent about her lease hard way. Since are talking about apartments recently living Atlanta ~10 years ago and won 1-year lease at charity auction. My rent 600 month (prepaid market rent 1,500 good deal security deposit only $150 (more on later year is nearly up and sign lease at new place. About month before am ready move out leasing agent apartment complex stops and asks about my

Leasing Agent Learns About Lease The Hard Way

Now that's a professional revenge.
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Underachievers, Literally

FAIL construction classic - 8606182144
Created by Snake73

VW, This Cheat Might Be a Little Too Obvious

FAIL cars - 8571621376
Created by Unknown

You Can Try To Shower Off Those Haters, But I'm Sure the Pressure is Enough

funny fail image shower kludge from a hose
Via MoldavianMike

How to Handle a Poorly Planned Parking Lot

FAIL parking lot funny there I fixed it - 7800659456
Created by Ju Loz

There, I Baked It

cake funny there I fixed it pumpkins FAIL halloween - 7806407424
Created by Lora
FAIL ikea Video - 9436417


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Thank Goodness Cookies Don't Need to Be Festive For Another Year

baking FAIL there I fixed it snowman - 7973991424
Via Pleated Jeans

We Added The Aluminum Staircase Free of Charge

construction FAIL ladder Professional At Work whoops - 4625429760
Created by oldschoolmotorhead

You Want Your Pickup to Look a Little Sportier?

pickup truck FAIL car there I fixed it funny - 7752794880
Created by Jason

The Best Part is The Door is a Magic Portal

doors FAIL Professional At Work wtf - 4291631872
Created by Unknown

I Was Ready To Use My Lockpick and Everything!

chain FAIL locked up stupidity - 4682230272
Created by Unknown

It Needed a Touch of Authenticity

FAIL candles funny there I fixed it - 7568413440
Created by Positively

Forgot the 28? Just Stick in Another 26!

FAIL funny there I fixed it - 7492572928
Created by Micamira

In the Words of Mitch Hedberg...

canned food FAIL there I fixed it mitch hedberg g rated - 7970396928
Created by Unknown

This Is Not How You Get Rid of Errors

computer repair FAIL hard drive wtf - 4553940480
Created by n3n0n3n
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