There, I Fixed It


It Needed a Touch of Authenticity

FAIL candles funny there I fixed it - 7568413440
By Positively
Moments of failure and chaos | bulldozer flipped over and stuck in a ditch hole in the ground | knocked over cartons of eggs yolk spilled on the floor

Misfortune Monday: The World is Unpredictable

It's impossible to prepare for everything.
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There, I Baked It

cake funny there I fixed it pumpkins FAIL halloween - 7806407424
By Lora

You Need a Third Support Pillar? It Fits Perfectly!

FAIL funny there I fixed it g rated - 7599849728
By James


ATM FAIL Professional At Work - 4244563200
By Unknown

Not How You Want to Start Off Your Monday

FAIL there I fixed it Office - 7572147712

How to Handle a Poorly Planned Parking Lot

FAIL parking lot funny there I fixed it - 7800659456
By Ju Loz

Convertibles Are Kind of Like Pickup Trucks, Right?

FAIL there I fixed it g rated - 7387097088
By erhelm (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

We Added The Aluminum Staircase Free of Charge

construction FAIL ladder Professional At Work whoops - 4625429760
By oldschoolmotorhead

And Then Chair Said 'Fiat Lux'

chair FAIL light there I fixed it - 8572337152
By Unknown

You Need Stairs and a Pillar? Got It!

pillar FAIL stairs funny there I fixed it g rated - 7801389824
By amysmith41

A Kludge Too Far

dangerous FAIL hole - 4468844288
By Unknown

Thank Goodness Cookies Don't Need to Be Festive For Another Year

baking FAIL there I fixed it snowman - 7973991424
Via Pleated Jeans

In the Words of Mitch Hedberg...

canned food FAIL there I fixed it mitch hedberg g rated - 7970396928
By Unknown

Surprisingly Roadworthy?

FAIL cars plastic wrap duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7475514624
By LocoGuy107
mustache FAIL Video - 76375041

Here Are Some Unsafe Ways To Remove Your Thick Movember Mustaches

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