There, I Fixed It


Home Made HD Antenna

2x4 antenna reception - 6605707520
By Josh

I Hate It When My Wood Gets All Cold

2x4 bad puns dual use refrigerator woody - 4882669568
By Scruffy

We All Need Something To Lean On

2x4 leaning support telephone pole - 5604537600
By Mr. Heavy Hands

Mobile Car Fort

2x4 cars fort moving wtf - 5338144512
By Unknown

Thank God It's Not a Stroller

2x4 bicycle bike clever towing - 4913411072
By Olivier


2x4 awesome fixed Kludge lawnmower puns - 3750197760
By Unknown

Not-Quite Dry Wall

2x4 holding it up Professional At Work wall - 5389697792
By Red

Must Be a Barebones Kit

2x4 computer repair duct tape laptop - 5006298880
By Stephen Hamilton


2x4 Kludge wood - 3750219264
By Unknown

Taking A Stand

2x4 computer monitor stand - 5617932032
By Unknown

Wow, Really?

2x4 door junk oversize load truck truck bed wood - 6296979200
By Unknown