If We Can Work Out the Kinks, this Kind of Zoo Would be the BEST

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

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A Leopard Escaped From the Zoo in India to Take a Little Stroll, and Here's the Result

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This Tokyo Zoo Has a Very... Interesting Way to Prepare for an Animal Escape

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Take a Tour of Australia's Animatronic Jurassic Park

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The Rare Bobcat Forages for Food in a Desolate Wasteland

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This Tiger Cub and a Kid in a Tiger Suit Are BFFs for Life

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The Rare Unicorn Makes an Appearance at the Zoo

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The Saddest Picture from the Government Shutdown

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Let's Go to the Zoo!

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What Not to Wear to a Zoo

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There's Gotta be a Better Name for This...

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The Ultimate Dance-Off

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One of These Names is Not Like the Others...

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Sometimes You Just Need a Lift

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This Gorilla Gets the Last Laugh

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