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Zombie's Hilariously Unprepared For Live Performance

Dead ringer for Johnny Depp.
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A brief Tumblr thread addresses the zombie apocalypse plot holes | kars-did-nothing-wrong why don't people zombie apocalypse stories ever just wear suits armor think any zombie is gonna get their rotting jaws through this? | gonna rip and tear my way through zombie apocalypse completely unharmed because none undead hoards will be able get through my plate mail kars-did-nothing-wrong everyone else is like "oh gotta stay inside most secure places possible and never leave" and l'll be storming

Tumblr Users Address Zombie Apocalypse Plot Holes

Fair points.
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In 2013 a Montana TV station got hacked and the emergency broadcast system warned of zombies.

That Time Someone Hacked an Emergency Broadcast System and Warned of the Zombie Apocalypse

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A Real Disdain For Kids

kids evil zombie - 8820431872
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virtual reality FAIL scared zombie video games - 80274433

Woman Lets Loose a Shrill Banshee Wail That'd Shatter Windows in Her Terrified Response to Virtual Reality Zombies

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virtual reality scared zombie - 109062

Scared Woman's Shakier Than a Conifer Tree Caught in the Eye of a Violent Windstorm During Her Virtual Reality Zombie Game Freak Out

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dentist siblings trolling zombie Video win - 79433473

The Perfect Opportunity to Convince Your Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse is After the Dentist

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This Grandma Turns into a Zombie After Finding Out Another Grandchild is on the Way

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100 Years Of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture

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zombie disney princesses

This Woman's Zombie Disney Princess Makeup Will Make You Mourn for Your Childhood

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halloween zombie prank Video - 75186177

These Creeps Got More Than They Bargained for When They Ogled This Girl and Her Visible Underpants

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It's Just The Onion Making Me Cry

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She is Falling Apart

Bettie Page bloodnguts celeb I see dead people ZOMBIE WEEK zombie - 3926261504
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Good Enough Reason to Go for a Drink

sign gives 2 reasons to come inside
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Stick Figure Zombies

words ZOMBIE WEEK zombie - 3052491008
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I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, I Eat You

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Created by with held
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