YouTuber Demands Free Commissions, Gets Rejected, Makes Threats

For starters, this "big YouTuber's" credentials really seem like they could be nothing more than a work of fiction. On top of that though, they have the audacity to issue threats to this artist after being rejected. What is it with some of these "influencers" and their toxic entitlement that leads them to believe they can just pay for other people's hard work, with exposure? That ain't how it works. 

Check out some more choosing beggar insanity with this choosing beggar's insane list of nanny requirements.

A "big" YouTuber expects free commissions, gets rejected, and then unleashes threats | Hi friend recommended and l'd like commission two portraits my dog and cat. Please let know if are still accepting commissions Christmas? Sun, Nov 15, 7:21 AM Hi there! Yes am do have mind?
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