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A Ballad for Youtube Comments

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Youtube is 10 Years Old, so Let's Take a Look Back at All the Viral Hits From the Decade!

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It's Lonely, Being a Writer

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How Much Bad Science Can You Fit into One Youtube Comment?

conspiracy science what youtube failbook - 8416667904
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Epic Wrap-Up of the Day: YouTube Video Rewinds 2014

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The Fans Are the Important Part

youtube puns youtube comments spelling - 8397197056
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Psy's "Gangnam Style" Has So Many Views it Broke Youtube

youtube gangnam style Video fail nation g rated - 8394152192
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There Are Two Kinds of Youtube Comments...

your mom youtube youtube comments burn - 8394182400
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Message From Le 4chan Army XD

youtube cringe youtube comments - 8393386240
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A Dramatic Youtube Comment Reading Between Nicki Minaj and One Direction Fans (and Haters)

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Representative Democracy? Not a Thing, Right?

youtube facepalm politics - 8385586688
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How to Spot an Australian Online

youtube australia youtube comments burn failbook - 8385600512
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When You Can't Even Distinguish Parody From Reality, Something is a Problem

youtube trolling parody youtube comments Reddit - 8382548480
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When You Rhyme This Well You Don't NEED to Rhyme

burn rap youtube comments youtube - 8354309632
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Not a Single Piece of This Sentence Makes Sense

martin luther king jr comments MLK trolling what troll youtube - 8340083968
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Have You Gotten Your Daily Dose?

comments parody satire youtube - 8342005504
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