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Your mom is.... you can finish the sentence. Though the art may have been lost on newer generations, millenials can't forget spending an hour trying to one up their friends with a better Yo Momma joke

Guy Tells 'Your Mom' Joke to Boss to Get Out of Work and It Ends Up Not Being a Joke

Guy Tells 'Your Mom' Joke to Boss to Get Out of Work and It Ends Up Not Being a Joke

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When the Comment Gets More Likes than the Actual Post

you mom end piece of bread joke facebook comment
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Come Back To Me

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dancing your mom embarrassed - 72253953

Dance Moms

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And He Was Never Seen Or Heard From Again

gynecologist yo mama your mom - 5706804736
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Best Teacher Ever

he shagged your maw
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I Guess the Target Demographic Thinks It's Funny?

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Your Mom Is Holmium

your mom is a ho on the periodic table of elements
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Your Mama's So Fat, She Was Really Concerned About Your Behavior Online

your mom parentbook yo mama burn - 8408755968
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There Are Two Kinds of Youtube Comments...

your mom youtube youtube comments burn - 8394182400
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Some People Shouldn't Get to Customize Their Jerseys

football jersey poorly dressed sports your mom g rated - 8334101504
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That Is a Great Message

okcupid your mom online dating funny - 8320567552
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Shakespeare, He Liked "Your Mom" Jokes

literature your mom shakespeare funny - 8273944576
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If You Know What I Mean

facial hair poorly dressed your mom - 8224722944
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It's Like Xbox Live Turned into a Stop Sign

sign your mom stop sign hacked irl - 8026804992
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This is Where All of Your Friends Went Last Night

accidental sexy restaurant sign your mom - 7992613632
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