A collection of tweets about Baby Yoda that people are using on Twitter to describe their problems in life | tweet by mrjafri someone insults and stay up all night thinking about should have responded #BabyYodaProblems

People Share Their Favorite Baby Yoda Problems

Baby Yoda and his sad eyes are painfully relatable.
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Guy on Twitter calls out people's complaints about the new Star Wars movie | tweet by McJesse Oh no Star Wars had some inconsistencies So sad. Listen here motherfucker saw Episode 1-3 theaters sat through shit couldn't imagine

Star Wars Fan Calls Out People's Complaints

This committed Star Wars fan had had enough.
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Divorced You, I Have

funny dating image star wars divorce cake
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star wars toys yoda Cats Video - 76814593

When You're Training Cats to Be Jedi, May the Catnip Be With You

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The Fail is Strong in This One

star wars yoda yoga - 6790442752
Created by Unknown

Wow You ARE a Rebel

yin yang yoda - 5156073984
Created by josephine moodie

BRB, Have to Make All the Babies Yoda Hats

baby star wars parenting yoda - 8428094464
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Good Tidings, These Are

christmas star wars Nativity yoda g rated win - 8395033600
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Take to the Skies, You Will

star wars Hot Air Balloon nerdgasm yoda g rated win scifi - 8350122496
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Baby's First Yoda

baby star wars parenting yoda g rated - 8328131328
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Your Connection, Faster I Will Make It

monday thru friday bumper sticker yoda g rated - 8258557952
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Love You I Do... Much Sexy Times We Will Have

star wars cards yoda funny Valentines day dating - 8035779840
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The Fluorescent Lighting is All Around Us, it BINDS Us

star wars graffiti yoda - 8020983040
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Yo Da Sprit of Christmas

christmas wtf santa claus yoda - 7971483648
Created by Unknown

Drunk, Yoda Is

wtf star wars drunk yoda funny - 7865152768
Created by Unknown

Awesome, It Is!

star wars tattoos yoda funny - 7600787968
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