A viral video of a mysterious, squirming black substance sends people on Twitter into a panic | Angie @AngelicBarton3 Replying sunnyarkade Leviathan black blob goo that moves by itself

Mysterious, Squirming Black Substance Sends Twitter Into Tailspin

Venom, you good bro?
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Tumblr user's request for a curtain made of worms spirals out of control.

Request For A Curtain Made Of Worms Spirals Out Of Control

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Woman Finds Worm In Salad And It Escalates Into A Surprising Customer Service Story

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weird tumblr posts

25 Wacky Tumblr Nuggets That Got Wet N' Wild

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funny tweets about a cursed root

Woman's Scary Twitter Thread About Cursed Root Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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Now This is the Life

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A Nice Worm Bath

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Created by lynx72

Worms Are Bizarre

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Created by Aeshel

One Weird Looking Worm

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Be Sure to Disinfect That Burn

Text - 26 minutes ago near can't...stop...EATING!! Like Comment Promote < Ex BF worms? 22 minutes ago Like wouldn't be the first thing you gave me about a minute ago Like Nice Lileo
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Man, Worms Are HILARIOUS

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