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Firefighters watching the 2018 world cup get a call and leave the stations seconds before their team wins.

Croatian Firefighters Get Call Seconds Before Their Team Wins

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Russian Burger King Astounds Twitter With Delusional World Cup Promo

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Guy Asks Girlfriend for World Cup Updates, Gets More than He Bargained For

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The Big G Loves Penalties

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The Best Goals of the World Cup on a Flipbook

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Victory is Just Icing on the Cake

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When You Win the World Cup, You're Allowed to Have a Beer

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Quick, Zoom in on the One in the Back!

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Celebrating Germany's World Cup Win

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It's Like the Facebook Version of an Own Goal

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Brazilians Trying to Set Neymar's Jersey on Fire

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We've All Seen This Picture of the Distraught Brazilian Fan, but Not the One Where He Gave His Trophy Happily to a German Fan

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Open an Incognito Window and Look at the Highlights of Last Night's Game

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Brazil Faceplants Their World Cup Dreams

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brazil drunk Germany world cup after 12 - 62400769

Brazil & Germany... What Happened?

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