red flags for dating women said by women

Women Share Serious Red Flags For Dating Women

The experts.
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"Ma'am these knives are high-end..."

Rude Store Clerk Mansplains Knife Pricing to Woman, She Gives Up, Gets a Steal of a Deal

A hasty and rude retail worker quickly corrected this woman when she pointed out a pricing error on a chef's knife she was interested in. She relented in revealing the mistake to the worker and ended up with a deal on a great knife. This story was shared to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by u/TIL_eulenspiegel , the woman in the story, where it earned 19k upvotes as of the writing of this post. The u/TIL_eulenspiegel , the Original Poster of the topic (referred to as the “OP” in Reddit's cu…
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AITA for saying at a recruiting event, that I am trotted out as the token 'girl engineer' for every recruiting event?

Engineer Calls Her Employer Out at Recruiting Event For Using Her as the "Token Girl"

This female tech engineer often found herself being rolled out to recruiting events as the “token girl engineer” and when a young woman asked her what the diversity at the company was like she was honest with her answer. This honesty has landed her in a lot of hot water with her company, who didn't like her saying the quiet parts out loud. Thumbnail Image: ThisisEngineering RAEng
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9 text reddit images woman's story ex husband cooking | thumbnail grey background "ex demanded i cook the dinner HE wanted, Things were a lot different back then for women. We had just gotten married the day before and the next morning my husband woke up and told me he wanted cabbage, sausage and potatoes for dinner. At this point I had never eaten sausage and was never going to it strangely enough and never had cabbage. "

Woman Recounts Purposefully Sabotoging Meal Ex Husband Selfishly Demanded

Take a seat jerk
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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creepy things girls said or did to men

Dudes Share The Creepiest Interactions They Had With Girls

Don't do this.
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Tumblr users shows three types of annoying unrealistic female characters | Nerdy Male Director She had many masculine traits, like eating 10 hamburgers at once and wrestling Russian mercenaries while never going over 112 pounds. She learned these skills her many fathers and brothers, never male partner or friend, as may suggest she has some autonomous sexual history. No, men were all too afraid her, except who has mistaken my fem-dom fetish respect. If met her real like l'd hate her rejecting

Tumblr Thread: Three Repetitive Types of Female Characters

Where's Ripley when you need her?
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AskReddit thread about impactful women that often get overlooked in history | fergi20020 550 points 14 hours ago Anna Connelly invented fire escape 1887 same year, Josephine Cochrane invented dishwasher.

Heroic Women That Deserve More Recognition

Anna Connelly pulling through with the fire escape.
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pretty women making ugly faces | attractive girl posing and same girl crossing her eyes and making a silly face

Pretty Women Making Not So Pretty Faces

It's a story of transformation.
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Tumblr user explains how women were portrayed through Shakespeare | penfairy Women have more power and agency Shakespeare's comedies than his tragedies, and usually there are more them with more speaking time, so l'm pretty sure Shakespeare's saying is "men ruin everything" because everyone fucking dies men are charge but women are charge get married and live happily ever after zetsubouloli think reading too far into things, kiddo. Take break women's studies major and get some fresh air.

Tumblr Thread: Women Should Rule The World

Shakespeare was on to something.
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Brother in law keeps criticizing woman so she farts at him | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/whatabouttea 2 days ago 3 10 2 '2 8 12 3 3 95 AITA ruining my brother law's day with purposeful fart? Not hole BIL and husband co own house passed them by their father live one half while BIL lives other only thing share is living room and kitchen rest is completely separate. Lately BIL has been making odd comments about my ladylikeness am down home back woods dirt under my fingernails still play mud puddles

Woman Battles Pushy In-Law With Resounding Flatulence

Solving beef with more beef.
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Stories of women being creepy to men | wondernever 11.8k points 21 hours ago Once, an acquaintance added on fb clicked on her profile said she relationship with someone someone fake account with my picture.

Creepy Girls that Dudes Have Encountered

There are times to yep and there are times to nope.
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Things men do that they think are attractive but women don't think are attractive | idiosyncrassy 21.0k points 14 hours ago 9 S Tinder squint which they think makes them look like moody lead singer on an album cover actually makes them look like Renee Zellweger smelled fart

Things Men Think Are Attractive But Aren't

Attraction is subjective but there's some concensus.
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Advice about when a relationship has probably run its course | reddit posted by 82verses- 14.9k points 1 day ago realize she's not girlfriend anymore just shitty roommate.

Signs that a Relationship is Basically Done

Sometimes it's for the best.
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Tumblr thread on interesting female pharaoh history | demands-with-menace Queen Hatshepsut Ancient Egypt. She has lovely smile someone who's been dead thousands years | deux-zero-deux she wasn't queen. she pharaoh and wanted be referred as such. she even had her statues modeled after male pharaoh's statues state her dominance and authority. she actually one most successful pharaohs all ancient egyptian history and she reigned longer than any other woman power egypt. cumleak damn no wonder she

Tumblr Drops Intriguing Knowledge on Ancient Female Pharaoh

There's always something new to learn.
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Things guys do that are creepy | posted by Sirventsalot 14.6k points 2 days ago 3 No self-awareness or notion personal boundaries like guys follow around public places or follow home intentionally and don't seem understand 's really unsettling about don't know if 's because live big city, but this is surprisingly common.

Behaviors Women Find Creepy

It's probably a good idea to not do these things.
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