Do you hear that? Or is it just the wind. The wind can carry more than just a cool breeze. It can throw dirt and sand in your eyes and ensure if you're downwind of the wrong cow pasture, you'll know it. So be wary of the zephyr and laugh away your strife with some windy laughs.

karens wind neighbors Fencing spring neighborhood city fence yard pool fences pools backyard karen - 22246661

'Neighbor wanted the fence fix[ed], we just removed the fence': Neighbors insist couple next door fix their fence, couple contacts city inspector instead

It costs zero dollars to mind your own business. Natural disasters caused by hurricanes, windstorms , and floods are no joke. They will destroy a house with ease, leaving the residents to clean up the mess. Depending on your location, you might have to deal with natural disasters all the time. For example, places like New Orleans or the Florida coastlines are subjected to hurricane conditions and flooding on a yearly basis. For people in these areas, rebuilding can be a consistent effort. This…
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Sad wind FAIL thanksgiving barney parade lol funny balloon - 97005825

Throwback Thursday to Thanksgiving '97 When Barney Died

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wind porta potty gross funny - 5958917

Watch These Porta-Potties Sky-Rocket from Ferocious Winds

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Video of a small truck driving down the highway until it almost gets blown over by a ferocious gust of wind.

This Small Truck Was Not Ready For The Unforgiving Strength Of The Wind

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Watch This Little Girl Nearly Get Blown Away By Strong Winds

fail video 4-year-old Ohio girl blown away by high winds
Via NBC4

Giant Inflatable Duck Wreaks Havoc on Scotland

image ducks wind Giant Inflatable Duck Wreaks Havoc on Scotland
Via @m8kna
wind sports FAIL scotland Video kite - 81931009

Who Knew Flying a Kite Would Be a Full Body Workout?

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Some Kids Just Weren't Meant For the Stage

Via ABCXYZ123789
wind roof FAIL building Video - 80464897

The Wind Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your Roof Down

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wind weather Video - 224775

Watch a Man Casually Hop Around in 100+ MPH Winds

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wind dance tunnel Video - 77774593

Dancer in a Wind Tunnel Gracefully Defies Gravity

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Lawn Decoration FAIL

wind storm lawn - 6897648384
Via Reddit

The Answers, My Teacher, Are Blowing in the Wind

answers wind - 7031152128
wind whoops portland Video - 69514753

Destruction of the Day: Wind Tears Scaffolding Off Building in Oregon

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The Wind Makes This Kinetic Sculpture Come to Life

wind art sculpture design nifty - 8350077184
Via Colossal

Someone Really Doesn't Understand the Earth

bill nye funny science idiots wind - 8259485696
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