Young Park Ranger Goes Viral for Sharing Her Day-to-Day Life Working in the Middle of a Huge National Park

Young Park Ranger Goes Viral for Sharing Her Day-to-Day Life Working in the Middle of a Huge National Park

Based in Flagstaff, AZ—she works in recreation and trails and finds herself alone in the middle of this huge forest every day.
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filming nature life log bridge over a stream

Pennsylvania Man Films All Kinds Of Wild Life On Bridge

Nature is radical.
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Tumblr thread on why Deer leave their fawns alone | fawn curled up beside fake deer which is used target practice | vampireapologist lot people are super upset by this, so here is reminder someone who has worked professionally with deer fawn tucked down alone like this is almost never an orphan. Fawns are extremely small, and their best defense is stay hidden as often as possible. Unless they are nursing or moving new spot, tucking themselves down grass or against bigger objects is their best de

Tumblr User Explains Why Lone Baby Deer Is Probably Fine

It's not Bambi.
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Yelling Sea Lion Sounds like a Man

A sea lion's yell sounds like a man screaming.
Via Xgrade242
Honestly it sounds exactly like our internal monologue.
Tumblr thread about different animals exploring during quarantine | taylorswifh third day italian quarantine: everything is closed, everyone is at home and so WILD BOARS ARE MY TOWN WITH THEIR BABIES laughing so hard

Quick Tumblr Thread Shows Random Animals Coming Into Towns During Quarantine

Apparently It's a decent time for a feral hog to wander around.
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Pictures of wild animals taken at night.

Funny and Weird Night Photos of Animals Taken By Camera Traps (9 Images)

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nature attempt deer wildlife funny rude Video stupid animals New Jersey - 98024449

Rude New Jersey Deer Farts at Bystander

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dogs hot car australia trapped koala wildlife dumb animal funny - 96195073

This Koala Crashing Air-Conditioned Car Is All Of Us Trying To Beat The Heat

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instagram wildlife selfie animals - 1049861

We're Super Jealous of This Self-Described Animal Whisperer Who Takes the Best Selfies

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cool animal pics 2016

Here's Your First Look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Nominees for 2016

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Wildlife Overpass WIN

overpass bridge design wildlife nature - 6676104448
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g rated penguin photographer wildlife - 2325952256
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