Scary and ominous warning signs

Spooky Signs That Mean Serious Business

Freaky, but thanks.
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WTF things said by teachers | mylifeasblue 16.5k points 4 days ago She read out my name and looks at and says parents named this?

Wild and Awkward Junk said by Teachers

Some teachers were... interesting.
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Strange, funny, weird and WTF images | a child hiding under the dashboard in the passenger seat of a car while a llama sticks its head in | woman taking a photo of another woman posing in front of a fake tropical beach backdrop

Dumb and Weird Stuff from the Crevices of The Internet

Yes, thank you internet.
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WTF and crazy things people did to spite their Ex spouse during a divorce | JortsEnthusiast69 4.7k points 2 days ago Once had boss who had leave his house 6 hours while his ex wife grabbed all belongings she legally entitled too he returned home every knob and handle gone. Door knobs, cabinet handles, drawer handles, anything screwed onto something and used open she had taken. Every day next week he would occasionally yell out "SHE TOOK FUCKING KNOBS"

Wild Stuff Divorced People Did to Spite Their Ex

Peoples' pettiness has no bounds.
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Pictures of wild animals taken at night.

Funny and Weird Night Photos of Animals Taken By Camera Traps (9 Images)

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buffet story about person filling shirt with chicken wings

21 Workers and Customers Share Their Amazing and/or Dreadful Buffet Stories

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person demanding attention by acting hyper masculine

17 People Share the Wildest Thing The "I Need Attention" Kid Did

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accidentally adopting wild cat

Sorely Mistaken Animal Lover Thinks They've Found a Stray Cat

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scary car kangaroo australia encounter freaky loud animals wild - 96706049

Freaky Late-Night Kangaroo Encounter Is Proof Australia Wants to Kill You

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askreddit random facts

30 Completely Unrelated but Super Interesting Facts

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