Wii is a video game console by Nintendo, it introduced motion controlled gaming. The Wii is seen as more physically demanding than other game consoles,  Wii Sports games such as tennis were very popular. 

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It Was Supposed to Be a Casual Day at the Park, Until Wii Sports Happened

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Has to Be the Worst Game of All Time

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Wii Sports Is NOT For Toddlers

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Next Time You Need to Return Anything to Your Ex, Use This as Your Guide

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How Convenient For You

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So You Don't Need a Sexy Girlfriend?

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Paper Gun

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Right. "Curling."

GIF of a newscasters playing a Nintendo Wii Curling game which makes them look like they are making a rude gesture.
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These Games are Getting Too Realistic

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Can Wii Play It Now?

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Wii All Live In A Yellow Submarine

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Mii-chael Jackson

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TIFI WIN: Who Says Gamers Are Messy?

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Lazy Kids

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Serious Gaming WIN

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You Better Retrieve That Strap, Zelda's Out

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