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Funny Tweets to Stave Off the Creeping Dullness of Life Itself

Here comes the internet.
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stories of the worst food people tasted | stephacharlotte 1.6k points 5 days ago Hot dog soup. My dad rehab/assisted living facility. He had both and my sister taste were all super grossed out def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs base.

The Worst Foods People Have Eaten

Sometimes it's worth a shot.
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tumblr australian gothic

Tumblr's "Australian Gothic" Is An Upside-Down World Of Existential Dread

Is it truly a g'day?
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weird family traits

People's Weirdest Family Traits

X-Men is real, but it's less about shooting lasers from your eyes and more about having 4 kidneys.
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funny and interesting food | ball made of cheetos | bald man with gummy worms glued to his head like cornrows hairstyle

Food Caught Up in Intriguing Situations

Food is fun.
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cat has weird sneeze video

Cat Has Weird Sneeze

Feel the sneeze.
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weird and bizarre facts | artparade 11.4k points 15 hours ago An important predator Canadian Moose is Killer whale Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by killer whales.

Weird and Specific Facts to Alienate Strangers With

Now making friends can be even harder!
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Employees mistake customer for job applicant, and they break the law | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/ligamentary 18 hours ago Manager reveals illegal hiring practices mistaking applicant XXXXL Names have been altered out consideration business owner bit older got grandkids high school, let's put way So been especially cautious about staying home during COVID-19 pandemic. Part has, unfortunately, meant indefinitely cutting out my regular trips gym. So invested couple pieces equipment my house p

Customer Gets Mistaken for Job Applicant, Interviewers Break Law

A weird way to end a customer experience.
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Guy orders Garfield toy and get sand, and can't find a solution | Quinton Reviews @Q_Review bought big Garfield plush GarfieldEats, personally talked their CEO about getting delivered, fought weeks get delivered, and s sand. There's nothing box but sand s, like, sand child's castle playset hell | SABLE BL WHITE SA Sandtastik Alew Play Sand DEAL INDOOR PLAY USE CL UNTABLE OUTDOOR AREAS MOLDS GREAT MOST EeRONMENTALLY FRENDLY CONTAING NO FREE SILICA CONTANS NO PREE GUARTZ *oNATTURAL 25 ib (11.3 kg)

Dude Orders Garfield Toy, Gets Bags of Sand

Honestly it's shocking that there's still Garfield hype out there.
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Moments, pictures and stories of kids being dumb and strange | unclefather 5 travity-falls youngstero one time at this bar mitzvah at dj emcee guy like "if sock has hole get this piece candy" so this kid tore hole this sock real quick and ran up there and then this dick dj goes "ALL SOCKS HAVE HOLES THEM and starts raining down candy like 's golden hellfire and look at this kid and he's crying while holding his shitty ruined sock Source: youngstero 43,721 notes

Moments of Kids Being Stupid and Weird

They're the future whether you like it or not.
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Bad gross and weird looking taxidermy fails | creepy cursed seal grinning with its teeth showing | fox in a weird sitting position with its fur sticking out

Bad Taxidermy that's Just Stuffed with Awkwardness

Is it a science? An art form? Just a bad idea?
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Fun conspiracy theories | tweet by tiefling_sorceress 22.2k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago 32 fashion industry makes too much money purses care about making pockets women easily available

Lighter Conspiracy Theories People Believe Mostly for Fun

From mattress stores to the whereabouts of someone's missing plant.
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Stories of times people trusted their gut and avoided a close call | guessthisis_me had gut feeling should pull my wallet and phone out my purse. Not even 20 seconds later get mugged man dragged across sidewalk and stole my purse BUT all he ended up getting juice box and my birth control.

Close Calls And Gut Feelings That Saved People's Skin

Sometimes those eerie feelings have a point.
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Moments of kids being strange, funny and stupid.

Stupid Moments That Prove How Kids are Weird and Dumb

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Real life optical illusions and photos of confusing perspective.

Double-Take Inducing Photos of Strange Perspective

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FAIL wierd facebook old people social media old people facebook typos funny - 5729541

17 Old People Who Failed at Facebook

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