person argues bad point and is disproven by math

Math-Allergic Simpleton Doubles Down On Stupid Hill, Proves Self Incompetent

In the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, double down.
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People describe the professions where you definitely never want to overhear someone say "oops."

Professions Where Overhearing "Oops" Is A Worst-Case Scenario

Not all "oops" hit the same.
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guy accidentally goes to wrong house for party, it's a young girl's house

Dude Shows Up At Wrong House for Party, Looks Like Weirdo

Does "oops" cover it?
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Big ship blocks Suez canal twitter thread.

Twitter Thread: A Huge Ship Is Blocking The Suez Canal

If you feel like you're bad at your job, stop worrying.
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funny news video reporter mistaking mushroom for microphone

Turkish Reporter Realizes He's Talking To Mushroom Instead Of Mic

No translation necessary for this humor.
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Guy's bike lurches forward and falls in path of train, he watches as it gets destroyed.

Dude's Bike Just Barely Gets Ripped Apart By Train

That's a bad day.
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Woman ends up calling off her wedding after finding out about her fiancee complaining about wedding dress on Reddit | AITA 38 m telling my fiancee f 27)her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives? sorry on mobile and throwaway as she's redditor are getting married july this year, venue is booked and wedding is pretty much sorted.

Woman Calls Off Wedding After Fiancee Complains About Wedding Dress

Well this guy's decision backfired horribly.
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Heart survives helicopter crash and is then dropped by staff

Donor Heart Makes It Through Helicopter Crash, Staff Drops It

5 second rule?
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Moments of failure and chaos | bulldozer flipped over and stuck in a ditch hole in the ground | knocked over cartons of eggs yolk spilled on the floor

Misfortune Monday: The World is Unpredictable

It's impossible to prepare for everything.
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Person mistakes Japanese cat food for human food | r/tifu Posted by u/SNIHON 4 days ago TIFU by eating cat food 2 months! This happened several years ago first moved Japan. My Japanese skills were terrible, so used google translate lot while shopping. Anyway looking quick snack and saw small bag looked like rice crackers had picture cheese and fish on so thought just unique Japanese flavor used picture translate and said something like healthy cheese Nothing about cat at all(well nothing transla

Person Discovers Their Favorite Snack is Japanese Cat Food

Well it's better to learn late than never.
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Funny attempts that failed | funny dog photo Threw ball, She came back with potato | max speed sign with the number covered MAXIMUM Obey Sign or Pay Fine SHARE ROAD Cardinne ark 1

Attempts that Slipped Down the Slope of Failure

They tried.
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moments of chaos, failure and misfortune | entire chunk of grass and dirt including a grown tree pulled out from the ground | car half sunk inside a giant hole in the road

Misfortune Monday: Unforeseen Chaos

Things can go awry in ways you wouldn't expect.
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A soldier accidentally microwaves Chef Boyardee on an active military base | r/tifu Join u/RoemerRanch 1y 1 TIFU by microwaving chef boyardee on an active military base As with most things this happened last week currently deployed middle east got off work little later than expected and missed galley hours so stopped at mini mart on base grab some food. They have decent selection mostly just typical gas station food. So some guys grab cold

Soldier's Microwave Mishap Creates Chaos

A solid brain fart.
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Stupid, bad and funny tattoo fails | If are stealing tattoo, don't copy nipple | tattoo of a wolf looking worried while howling in front of a full moon

Regrettable Tattoos as Memorable as they are Permanent

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Woman has groceries delivered and proceeds to fail all over the place | TIFU by forgetting having groceries delivered and consequently traumatising delivery driver. So this FU happened about 45 mins ago and l'm currently laying bath recovering ordered food delivery local supermarket be delivered this morning work home so 's super convenient had had super shitty day yesterday so having slow morning got 10am and still my dressing gown (with no belt and nothing underneath hair unwashed and awful, a

Woman Has Groceries Delivered, Fails Occur Everywhere

Some days run smoother than others.
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People on Twitter share their most embarrassing work emails | tweet by Some Organised Chaos @ChaosSome Replying mo87mo87 My manager pointed out after 3 years my working there had spelt 'library' as 'libary my email signature

Work Email Fails That Haunt People At Night

Taking a second look at that work email can spare one so much trouble.
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