A Tumblr thread on Megalodon's could've inspired Syfy channel's next big hit.

Tumblr Thread: Megalodon Horror Movie Should Be A Thing

Megalodons would do a number on the ocean's ecosystem.
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Curious Orca Tries To Befriend Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Orca was just trying to say "what up."
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An interesting Twitter thread about what human bodies do when exposed to cold water.

Twitter Thread: Our Bodies Go Whale Mode During Cold Water Exposure

Our bodies are fascinating.
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When You Fish in the Splash Zone, You Gotta Be Ready

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Someone Give This Slick Seal a Survival Award For Slipping Out of Becoming Breakfast For Orca Whales

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Listen to These Kayakers Loose Their Mind When a Bunch of Humpback Whales Breach the Water Near them

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Watch Killer Whales Live Up to Their Savage Name as They Ambush a Ton of Dolphins

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One Whale's Puke Is Another Man's Treasure

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This Is Why I Study Science

How much do whales ejaculate
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Some Odd Whales

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You're Going to Flip When You See Narwhals

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FUN FACT: Sperm Whales Sleep Vertically

Fun Fact science whales sleeping - 8255877376
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If It's Good Enough for the Largest Mammals on Earth, It's Good Enough for You!

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Did You Even Know That?

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Exploding Whales?

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Whales Can Be Creepy

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