Gym guy fails squat

Dude Fails Squat, Shows Why Spotters are Important

Good old gym safety.
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Do not attempt

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machines gym FAIL work out treadmill exercise sweat weights dumb unsafe funny - 6410245

34 Moments Caught at the Gym That Will Make You Not Want to Skip Leg Day

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FAIL cringe exercise weights Video - 90085633

All These Combined Might Equal One Pull-Up

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gym FAIL weights weight lifting Video - 79415297

Squats Going On, Bro? About an 855lbs Mess That's All

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gym FAIL vine weights working out - 77655041

Today's Gym Forecast Includes a Heavy Chance of Raining Weights

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Not-A-Kludge: A Workout Fit for a Viking

barbell not a kludge weights working out - 4444952576
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Stick to Cardio, Bro

ouch gym workout right in the crotch weights fail nation - 8383395840
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Makeshift Bench

weights there I fixed it bench g rated - 7946536704
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Heavy-Duty TV Stand

TV weights there I fixed it - 7863432704
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Testing Gravity

cinder blocks weights air conditioner - 7156438528
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Gives A New Meaning to 'Dumb' Bell

cinder block dangerous exercise weights - 4682141952


bad idea balls failboat g rated gym safety weights working out - 4671752704
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Too Much Testostorone

duct tape manly weights working out - 4434921472
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barbell exercise weights - 4082499584
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barbell gas tanks Kludge weights - 4053859328
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