expensive things rich people buy | Back2Bach 28.4k points 1 day ago edited 18 hours ago S 2 wealthy couple had pair Steinway concert grand Model "D" pianos at opposite ends their spacious living room. Neither husband nor his wife played pianos, valued at about $175,000 each, were just there show" and they hired someone like play piano an occasional cocktail/dinner party. | HeyYallWatchThiss 19.6k points 23 hours ago Catered high school graduation party did fried chicken and mashed potatoes, so

The Most Absurdly Expensive Things People Witnessed

Money just becomes a game at some point.
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People describe the most ridiculous cases of wealthy people being out of touch | yzpilot flying private jet and caterers forgot owner's sandwich. He graciously said "no big deal" and replied l'd call landed because they charged us $100 He said Is lot much does sandwich normally cost

Wild Cases Of Wealthy People Being Out Of Touch

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askreddit stories about rich kids

25 Frustrating Examples of Spoiled Rich Kid Syndrome People Witnessed

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Article Factually Breaks Down Ideas About If The Wealthy Ever Really Paid 90% In Taxes

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