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Dude Shows How To Tie Down A Watermelon

Finally, we can avoid busting all our melons.
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A quick and funny Tumblr post about the joy of eating watermelons with your bare hands | savedgame fuck pridot worked at summer camp did scavenger hunt where kids ran all over property collecting "magic acorns" aka watermelons just covered tinfoil and painted. their last hint led them roof where they discovered

Tumblr Thread: Unbridled Joy Of Digging Into Watermelons

Ready for watermelons now.
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Turtles Eating Watermelon Is An Adorable Crunchy Masterpiece

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25 Objects That Look Like Tasty Food but Are Totally Not

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Watermelon Truck Causes High Speed Fruity Disaster

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Phew! Hate When They Leave the Bones In

Picture of Watermelon slice with FAIL label that says 'boneless.'
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Turns Out That Electrocuting a Watermelon with 20,000 Volts Is Awesome, So Case Closed On That One

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If You Need Some Monday Inspiration, Just Watch This Guy Who's Literally Crushing It

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Lesson Learned

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Right When You Drop Your Expectations... BOOM!

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This Kid Goes Savage on a Whole Watermelon

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This Adorable Puppy Doesn't Care That Summer is Over, He Just Fell In Love With Watermelon Treats

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Looking for a Time Consuming, Messy Way to Open a Watermelon? Try Rubber Bands!

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You Can't Rollback on This Deal

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If You Want To Cut a Watermelon With A Sword, Think It All The Way Through

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Liquid Metal Poured into Watermelons: As Cool as it is Weird

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